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Constantly evolving CRM functionalities enabled us to merge the platform not only with the systems of a given company, but also with solutions offered by third-party suppliers. These possibilities enable the building of powerful integrated systems that cover nearly all the operations of a company. At the same time, the systems can be perfectly suited to the characteristics of a given industry or customised according to the unique needs of a particular client. This is how MakoLab created the Real Estate CRM Platform.

Get acquainted with our optimal Customer Relations Management system for Commercial Real Estate.

Description of the solution

This IT solution is based on CRM Platform Enhanced and integrated with all important external IT systems in Poland that support sales processes, such as Gratka, and Vimeo. This solution enables such features as intelligent search, advanced tagging of objects and dynamic summaries of available offers.

This integration created a completely unique system which blends two core real estate sales process elements – effective service and customer relations management with management of the offer process. What is more – searching for offers can be conducted by both sales representatives during sales meetings as well as managed directly by the clients themselves through the use of the web portal.

The entire site has been designed in a way that exhibits intuitive and understandable modes of presentation, along with simple update procedures for data already contained within the system. Considerable emphasis has been placed on high-quality document printouts and the quick browsing of offers whilst preserving all of the functionalities of the site. The site’s structure welcomes additional extensions –i.e. adding new functionalities, modifying processes in accordance with changes on the market of commercial estates, etc.

The system was implemented and has been facilitating the real estate sales processes of Pawlik Nieruchomości – a company that operates in consulting and trading in commercial and industrial real estate in Poland.

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