A financial decision in only a few clicks

In the present era of customer-oriented services, successful trading does not only amount to attracting prospective customers, but also consists of assisting them in making purchase decisions, which becomes increasingly valid in expensive, loan or credit-based purchases (vehicles, life insurance, real estate lease or purchase, etc.).

Financial simulators – our easy-to-use solution for financial data integration - enable users to supply their prospective clients with all necessary credit information with only a few clicks. Our expertise and on-going tool development (with a dedicated Financial Simulators team) have allowed us to develop and popularise this tool, to the extent that today's users generate up to 2 million operations daily.

Save time! Let your customers calculate the credit or leasing cost themselves.


A website embedded with our financial simulator allows users to set credit parameters (e.g. advance payments and credit tenure, insurance, etc.) and after being analysed in real-time-  returns the calculated monthly payment according to the inputted data.  This way a client interested in buying an apartment or a car, for example, is able to obtain financial information almost immediately and can thus prepare for a certain level of expenditure before a sales meeting has been arranged. 

Financial simulators may work in two modes, depending on the user’s needs:

  • Default Offer – an amount representing the suggested monthly instalment of the credit/ loan (according to the parameters specified by the bank)
  • Interactive Offer – in this mode a user is able to set and adjust any parameters and further explore various cost options that pertain to selected offers, for example. This helps users to compare options based on the proposed variants, such as displaying differences in the amount of a loan depending on the options selected in the offer (e.g. car equipment, real estate size or life insurance options).

The solution has proven itself to be extremely popular in the automotive and financial services industries– presently generating up to 2 million activities a day for the Default Offer and 60,000 for the Interactive Offers (with the average number of parameter changes at 3-4 per instance). Research suggests, however, that the full potential of the Financial Simulators is yet to be discovered.

Want to test our financial simulator functionalities? Check the cost simulations opitions on our DEMO.

Notable features

Each of MakoLab’s Financial Simulators is designed to deliver its user real-time data that is simultaneously a user-friendly tool. Therefore, our solutions are oriented at providing the best possible User Experience and high-performance levels and a friendly and efficient interface: 

  • Interactive, user-friendly presentation of complex data analysis – our simulators can present periodic instalment costs, whilst any parameter changes are immediately visible through the number of options available and visible to the client or user.

What is more, the graphic layer of the simulator on the website can be designed to take any form. This makes the tool easily adjustable to any website layout, brand identity or company preferences.

At the same time, the easy-to-read instalment cost results are the result of a complex real-time analysis of data being delivered from various sources. The simulators can build results from a whole range of parameters at once and simultaneously take into consideration various factors, such as country-specific regulations, local market leasing or credit instalments analysis algorithms, desired product parameters, and potential debtor settings (e.g. private financial contribution, credit durability). 

  • The ability to integrate the solution with other business communication tools – finalising the simulation process from the prospective client does not necessarily mean mean that the process of a potential purchase of a product or service is complete. Linking a Financial Simulators’ functionalities to the capacity to send questions or provide a contact form may successfully sustain the client’s attention.  
  • Centralisation of the financial simulation solutions – this functionality ensures the efficient, unique and secure management of any changes to the global parameters of the simulator - determined by a financial institution, vendor or service provider. The simulator settings can also be operated manually within a secure environment (i.e. Back Office application that is secured by password protection) or can be integrated with the internal systems of the institution or supplier.  


A graphical presentation of the processes supplying data to the Financial Simulators database

  • Extremely effective and efficient Financial Simulators infrastructure - the system is very powerful. One of the currently active implementations of the system performs several million simulations a day in Europe and India. At the request of the financial institutions, the results of the simulation – gathered in dedicated “data warehouses” - are additionally analysed, with the goal to better fit the financial offers to the client's needs.

What is more, the functionality of the Financial Simulators makes it possible to work on sites in variants that are independent of the client’s inner systems, or if required, can easily be integrated into other systems. We also offer cache–based solution implementations, linked with the geoDNS which boosts the efficiency and search speed of the system depending on the number of user queries. 

Our implementations of Financial Simulators
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