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The functionalities of our CRM Platform allow for its merging with the external systems of a company, which in turn supports the building of powerful, integrated systems that cover nearly all aspects of a business’s processes. The proven, constantly developed technology of the CRM Platform allows for designing a system that is not just perfectly customised to a given industry, but also tailor-made according to individual needs of the client. The capabilities of the CRM Platform, in conjunction with many years’ worth of experience resulting in an extensive portfolio of international and local projects, as well as the well-established work methodology of MakoLab’s experts guarantees a successful realisation of every project.


MakoLab’s portfolio of projects involving our CRM Platform includes the creation of the infrastructure for the management of sales and production processes. This has been realised for the world’s largest manufacturer of equipment used in the meat industry, as well as for one of the most technologically advanced processing plants in Europe.


Our vast experience at providing individual solutions based on our CRM Platform solutions have been pivotal in the support, creation and maintenance of good relations between many-a company and its clients. Moreover, thanks to a thorough knowledge of the Platform and in-depth expertise in the extension, modification and integration of the tool, MakoLab is able to deliver a solution that is perfectly customised to the needs of not just a given market, but of an individual client.

Apart from the basic function of the CRM Platform which consists in supporting sales processes (building the client – company relation), our tailored realisations have allowed for facilitating processes such as:

  • the processing and management of leads
  • supplies, production, inventory, sales, post-sale support
  • insurance support
  • maintenance support
  • estate support

MakoLab’s portfolio of projects serves as a testimony to these features, including a successful implementation for one of the biggest processing plants in Europe (responsible for the processes related to maintaining work continuity), and for a leader on the insurance market (used for lead processing).

The constantly developed tool not only streamlines important processes, but also systematises any already acquired data, transforming it into easily accessible and readable information. Because of this, systems built on the CRM Platform are able to deliver knowledge of critical value for business analysis (reports, rankings etc.). They also serve as useful tools for management staff and regular employees alike, assisting in day-to-day work and long-term strategy generation.

Notable features

  • Availability by means of a web browser on all modern devices – utilising RWD technology, the system is not only available on different devices (desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, data terminals etc.), but also maintains a high quality in all its functionalities across all devices.
  • Support for multiple languages in data and the user interface – one of the basic advantages of solutions designed by us is the ease of adjusting to different language versions (including the functionality of writing from right to left, used traditionally in Arabic languages).
  • Support for multiple organisations/departments/teams – due to the ability to collect, process, systematise and integrate data originating from different sources in a given organisation (which are often geographically dispersed), the CRM Platform provides excellent assistance in successfully interacting throughout a company’s structure. At the same time, the platform helps to preserve a full coherence of data within the organisation.
  • Personalisation and adjustment of the system according to the client’s needs – our solutions form a platform for the building of integrated tools, allowing them to be adjusted to industry-specific requirements along the developmental journey of a given company.
  • Support and integration of various sectors of a company, helping to reduce the costs of client support – merging data originating from several processes into a single systemic tool not only helps reduce the process of documentation and data exchange, but also allows for uniformity at all locations- vastly improving the cost efficiency of client support.
  • Our methodology of project work, oriented towards providing our client with the highest possible ROI – a standard project team in a MakoLab-based project consists not only of our experts, but also of representatives of the client: Project Manager, Analyst & Business Users. These representatives are the source of the detailed knowledge concerning the demands that are to be satisfied from the designed tool. A team built this way works on the solution not only at the design stage, but also during each phase of deployment, testing and optimisation. Feedback and recommendations for future users of the system constitute a truly valuable contribution to achieving our common goal – the best possible return on investment from the solution.

    Image 1. Chart illustrating MakoLab’s project methodology

    Technical information

    The CRM platform is one element of an IT ecosystem. For its efficient operation, integration with other solutions is required. Our systems are integrated using a diverse array of technologies including:

    • Dedicated APIs
    • For databases: Oracle/SQL Server
    • By creating additional integration modules and web services
    • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) 

    Rich experiences and a portfolio of numerous integration projects enable us to orchestrate projects quickly and efficiently. We are not only able to integrate the CRM Platform with a company’s systems, but also to extend it with innovative technologies (such as intelligent search, advanced tagging of entities etc.)

    Image 2. Example of a technology scheme

    Example of implementation

    Depending on the scope of the project, integration of the CRM platform with other systems may even allow for its extension by engaging completely new functionalities. An example of this is our project realisation for one of Europe’s most advanced processing plants – JBB. The CRM solution designed for the client, alongside mergers with other systems, is at present responsible for supporting inventory management processes and maintaining the continuity of work. Its functionalities cover:

    • diagnostics and forecasting of any failures of devices
    • reporting of devices requiring maintenance or repairs
    • automatic generation of requests
    • creation of orders on the basis of data present in the system

The system is available on multiple devices, including portable data collectors and is also integrated with automatic inventory racks.


Image 3. Examples of devices integrated within the CRM system at JBB.

Image 4. A screenshot of CRM JBB exhibiting an array of the system’s functionalities.

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