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The proper functioning of each element of an estate, solving issues related to a tenancy, and working on establishing the competitiveness of an estate are challenges that are usually difficult to combine. Individual processes require not only automation, but also their efficient connection, analysis and ensuing management.

Interested in our property management platform ColDis? Let us present it to you!

Description of the solution

ColDis is a platform that integrates modern web-based modular systems that are used for supporting the most important processes in real estate management:

  • tenancies (Lease Management Tool)
  • management of Real Estate top line costs (Cost Management Tool)
  • technical maintenance (Facility Management Tool)

Each module covers a different area of the management process. However, their integration with the ColDis platform provides a set of common functionalities, which in turn enhances the overall system’s functioning. For example, apart from the management of tenancy contracts through the use of the Lease Management tool, it is also possible to analyse contracts and create customised reports, exported into the popular .xls format. Additional features may be grouped into several areas:


Each modular system belonging to ColDis has been designed with the greatest possible efficiency and return on investment in mind. We make sure that every tool developed by MakoLab not only fulfills our clients’ current needs, but also that it anticipates their future requirements. This is why all ColDis modules feature the following attributes:

  • Web-based architecture: being available by means of an online browser allows authorised staff to use the system from any location, at any point in time – the only requirement is access to the Internet.
  • Low networking and hardware requirements: the system has minimal requirements regarding workstations and does not require a unique connection. This allows new users to connect virtually cost free.
  • Coherence of entered data: The system for administrators updates all data concerning users on a regular basis in a single relational database for all entities.
  • Performance: ColDis provides a highly efficient means of automating the processes of the calculation of costs and issuing of invoices.
  • Security: The system for real estate managers is secured at the same level used in banking systems. Communication between a user and the system is encrypted.
  • Controlled access to system resources: authorisations for individual users are definable and assignable to each element of the property management system.
  • Flexibility: ColDis was designed for working in an international environment, e.g. allowing for the use of multiple currencies in transactions.
  • Support for multiple languages both in the user interface and data: one of the basic advantages of our solutions is the ease at which they are adjusted to different language versions (including the option of right-to-left writing, commonly used in Arabic languages).

The systems increasing popularity, spurred by an architecture that allows for the adjustment of features to fit the needs of every client, and through the constant work by Makolab experts in developing and updating the system over a 10 year period have resulted in ColDis being implemented numerous times. Some of our implementations have been for clients including: Ptak SA (Central Europes largest trade centre), Vastint (formerly Swede Centre), Cefic Polska and Vastint Poland (part of Property Division Inter IKEA). 

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