A diverse offer of customer relations management systems

Building relations with your clients requires managing immense amounts of information and the careful tracking and mapping of their behaviour.

Information gathered in this process also requires a careful and detailed analysis, a necessary element for establishing the company’s sales strategy.

MakoLab’s CRM software solutions not only address issues of the categorisation and optimisation of sales processes. They also allow for the planning of long-term operations and strategies, on the basis of the automated analysis of results.

There are many kinds of CRM technologies present in the market. However, our solutions and the subsequent methods of their deployment and the array of functionalities constitute a set of distinguishing features:

  • Widespread availability by means of a web browser on all modern devices (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other portable devices), thanks to Responsive Web Design technology.

For example, the ability to access our CRM systems using a smartphone implies nearly unlimited and instantaneous access to data and features. A CEO may be able to verify sales forecast outside of the office, a salesperson may check whether all payments have been settled before meeting the client, a sales director will have constant access to up-to-date information about current performance of the sales department.

  • Support for multiple languages in the user interface and data itself
  • Support and integration into many areas of the company, which allows for facilitating works from various departments and teams and reducing the costs of client support
  • In-depth analysis of needs and goals set before the CRM project, run in close cooperation with the client
  • Comprehensive skills and knowledge of MakoLab’s experts in terms of extending and modifying MakoCRM, allowing us to provide tailor-made solutions, adjusted precisely to the unique characteristics of your company.

The benefits of our solutions have been recognised by clients such as Europcar (MakoCRM) and Renault – the company which uses and integrates our Lead Management Tool with many of their internal systems. Makolab’s CRM Platform-based bespoke system supports the real estate sales of Pawlik Nieruchomości (the Polish market leading company in real estate consultancy and sales), and the MyCar tool that helps to build the Renault and Dacia car owners community (MyRenault and MyDacia panel).

Looking for the best CRM platform tailored to the needs of your business?

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