A message from the MakoLab CEO regarding COVID-19


Dear MakoLab clients, partners, and friends,

I want to share with you some information on MakoLab functioning during the coronavirus pandemic. Our priority is to ensure smooth operation and business continuity while strictly complying with the regulations and recommendations of the state and sanitary authorities.

The Polish government has implemented a state of epidemic threat throughout the country. The external borders have been closed. Public administration, as well as financial and business environment institutions, operate uninterruptedly with the direct contacts reduced to the necessary minimum. Restaurants, bars, pubs, cultural institutions, and malls are closed.

The state authorities have recommended businesses to switch to remote work as much as possible. In addition, a number of guidelines are formulated to prevent the spread of the virus.

We at MakoLab have fully adapted to these guidelines. Some time ago, we appointed a task force to prepare the company for real organizational challenges and continuously monitor the external situation. As of Monday, 16/03/2020, we entirely switched to remote operations. Business continuity is a part of the ISO 27001 and TISAX standards implemented in our company. In addition, we have made adjustments and tests to work remotely for an extended period. We believe that most of you will not notice this change at all, as we have already used digital tools and contacted you online daily.

Today, I can say that the situation is under control, and MakoLab is functioning as usual. We are aware that unpredictable problems may appear, and we are ready to address them in "on-the-spot" mode.

At the same time, MakoLab management and employees take the epidemic threat very seriously. We have implemented procedures that are to minimize the risk of virus infection in connection with the performance of professional duties. We also run an information campaign on how to proceed in private life to minimize such risks. There are also internal initiatives on how to help each other to reduce the social consequences of the pandemic. We work in such a way that even if someone gets infected, it will affect nobody or the minimum number of people in the company.

In conclusion, currently, we see no threats to continue active cooperation with you. It is due to our business specifics allowing remote work and the preparations we have already made. However, if you notice any difficulties, problems, or irregularities on our side, please immediately inform your business contact at MakoLab. In the case of more pressing matters, please also send an email to securityofficer@makolab.com.

The current situation is a challenge and a test for all of us. Crises, however, mobilize us to look for improvements and are the driving force of change. We at MakoLab are focused on this perspective and, apart from overcoming the consequences of the pandemic, learn and work hard to bring you more value in the future. I hope we’ll be able to talk face to face not long from today.

Wojciech Zielinski
MakoLab CEO